Bad DNS server from my host

I did a search for an answer before posting this.

I am moving hosting and email to new servers from my current host.

I was expecting to be able to keep my DNS server with that hosting company.
DNS was setup and I am receiving email. I have not sent any email due to the
instructions to setup spf and dkim. I have attempted that without success.
In their control panel I tried to setup dpf but the spf on the settings here have
characters that are not allowed from them. They do not support DKIM.

I did try to point DNS to your servers from my host using
I tried with and without the .

Now lost how to fix this one,

You should keep your DNS servers with your host, and only use the DNS records that we send you in the email titled “Important Account Information.” If you don’t see it, check your spam folder. Someone ordered several services and then reported our welcome emails as spam, so they’ve been receiving this treatment recently.

If your host isn’t able to offer proper DNS service, you might consider using a free DNS service like CloudFlare.

Thank you for the reply.

I did read the Important Account Information. I have read the forum and am trying to keep a good score.
It is my host that is the problem. I have a low score on the email test due to DKIM failing and spf failing.

My host does not allow dkim and dmarc is not right as well. This is in no way a blame towards mxroute. More on the ignorance of myself. I am trying to find a decent DNS server to migrate if I can from my
current host.

I am not attempting to even think that anyone else is to blame besides myself. Currently I have clients
that are not receiving my emails before moving to your service. I am receiving email on your server.
I am trying not to send email out until I get better scores on the test email to keep your reputation
in good standing. Currently I need to wait 24 hours to do another email test.

So far my self and a client have found that not many hosting companies are really interested in email.
My host to the point that they suggested that I move my email because they have no intention to fix
their server problems.

Sorry to hear of the troubles you’ve had. I’ll do my best to keep earning your business. I think switching DNS to cloudflare would be a good move. Most of the time they detect the right DNS records on setup and just tell you what nameservers to use afterward.