Any alternate way to complete the purchase from India

Hi ,

I am trying to make a payment from CITIBANK credit card, the card is been registered too. but failure always. It asks me to add the account and make the transaction. After selecting paypal as pay option it takes to me my card info and after entering CVV code it then asks me for my bank OTP. After entering the OTP it goes back to the same window from PAYPAL to enter the card details and complete the purchase.Below is the error .

“We’re sorry, but we couldn’t complete your purchase using the funding source you selected. Please add a debit or credit card.”

Please help, have tried swipe but unable to Bank doesnt allow it and considers it as a legit transfer and blocks it.


My recommendation would be to actually OPEN a PayPal account and connect your card to it.

You commented:

What exactly does that mean? If it means that your card is registered on your PayPal account … then the problem becomes that you are trying to use a registered card from outside the PayPal account.

I am making that assumption from this statement:

When a card is registered and confirmed in PayPal this will never happen.

When the payment screen comes up, you should be logging in to PayPal with your email address and password set up previously with PayPal.

If this is not how things are working … then you need to contact PayPal directly and figure out the issue with them.

Alternatively, you can simply use the option to pay by credit card with Stripe. This comment doesn’t make a lot of sense:

I chatted on with someone from India earlier this week. You??? Anyways that person stated that their bank blocked Stripe and created a huge hassle for their client. Personally, if my bank did that I would be immediately off to a different bank as that is unacceptable of a bank to block my transaction based upon the merchant processor.

If all else fails, let me ask you if you have the ability to do a bank transfer (wire transfer) in EUR or GBP?

MXroute historically does not get involved with payment issues , i,e. if your card does not work via PayPal or Stripe then there is not much that they will do. If you absolutely cannot make it work, then you may need to go to a reseller which offers other payment options. If it comes to that, feel free to reach out to me. But ONLY if it comes to that as I do not ever poach clients from MXroute.

I wish I had advice for this situation as I’m not able to replicate your steps, but if you find a solution please do let us know so we can share with others.