Affiliate program for MXRoute?

I’m writing some email guides for my users and would like a little kickback for including links to MXRoute. Is there an affiliate program?

There is currently not. However, I’d love to drive people toward our reseller program. It’s a bit more work to set up than our regular service, but I wrote some tutorials (best read from the bottom up):

If you sell small storage allocations you can easily sell 200-300% of the storage you purchase and not run out of space, making it very profitable.

@redbot I am a reseller of MXroute, and I am contemplating offering an affiliate program as my billing software now supports it. Of course, if you accept the challenge to set up your own reseller, go for it! If not, and you’d like a partner to sell MXroute and offer a commission, feel free to reach out to me in PM.

As a reseller I offer the same front page plans at the same price point as MXroute with the addition of one additional plan. I can also offer extra support, which until recently, was needed as MXroute’s support options were more limited than they are today.

I also offer a smaller custom package via a different sales channel.