Active Directory / LDAP users?

I’m considering recommending MXroute to a friend as their business email solution.

  • Can users authenticate against Active Directory / LDAP?
  • Can backups of an entire domain be easily exported? (Ok, I read there’s DA FTP access)
  • Is there a go-back-in-time feature, to retrieve a message or folder that was accidentally deleted or moved? Such as when you receive a call saying “I’m sure last Monday it was there, so please restore it from the backup”. (Should I do it via FTP: create a restore directory and reupload the Maildir files there?)

Great questions.

  1. No features of that kind at this time.
  2. Not reasonably no. The reseller boxes give you more access to the backup system, but even if I give you SFTP access on the regular servers I’m not convinced that even storing mail as files on the disk is part of the next product iteration as we grow, so that may not be a reliable thing for the future.
  3. There is not.