Accounts hack Mail

Dear Support,

Every day i m getting below mail in all mail id’s.
Please get this checked asap.


I have very bad news for you.
All mail are getting same mail.
17/07/2019 - on this day I hacked your OS and got full access to your account
You can check it - I sent this message from your account.

So, you can change the password, yes… But my malware intercepts it every time.

How I made it:
In the software of the router, through which you went online, was a vulnerability.
I just hacked this router and placed my malicious code on it.
When you went online, my trojan was installed on the OS of your device. "

Please get this checked asap.

This is most likely fake. Check the email headers of this type of email you’re receiving to make sure they are indeed coming from your account.

I’ll see what I can do to build some filters for it, but there’s no way to guarantee that you don’t receive these without creating other problems for various use cases.

It’s almost always a canard, so called “sextortion scam”. Scammer places your email in “From:” field and tells a story of how great a hacker they are, to take over your mail blah blah blah.

Just check from which IP the mail has actually been sent. Be prepared to get such type of scam spam quite often.