Account terminated for unsolicited marketing mails

Hello guys,
I have a marketing script, which I use for some of my travelling clients like tailors, art lawyers, even prostitues sometimes. They inform their clients via this script that they have arrived in their city and that there services are available in the city for the next few days. They only send these mails to there age-old clients and the script even sends a unsubscribe mail in case they dont want to be disturbed by these notices. Never faced any problems anywhere with this as the volumes would be something like 2k / month on average.
I bought a subscription yesterday, had wished for a long time to do so being an active member of LowEndTalk and seeing Jarland for so many years posting these elusive offers. Was figuring out how to connect my script to MXRoute, somehow managed to it and one of my clients sent out a mail to his clients where he was at the time, and my account got terminated, no warning, no emails, didnt even cross the 7200 email limit. Tried to contact support and found out there is none and therefore I am writing here, paid for 3 years, and the service got terminated in 1 day, If i cannot be reinstated, aren’t I eligible for a refund? Also I got charged 639$ on top of that??? WTF? Need a reply ASAP. This is Fraud at its best.

Subhojit Dutta.

In this case the customer sent emails from a domain/email that indicated the intent of sending to a marketing mailing list, within 24 hours of signing up. It was apparent that this was intentional, and not a case of a compromised email account. Within one hour the customer sent 639 outbound emails to a mailing list that had not been verified. Some examples of fake recipients in the mailing list:


While I recognize the last domain there was legitimate, I think it’s safe to say they don’t have a Hewlett Packard employee on the mailing list next to yahoo.ff and

This is a clear case of intentional unsolicited marketing email, and out of tens of thousands of users who use our service daily, marks only the second ever to be billed according to our policy.

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