Account Issue and IP banned


Since I would like to order the service ,I tried to order but failure due to the system detected address fraud.

Then I tried to type my company address and my home address (I used another mxroute account to try it in this step.)

Finally I have successfully to order and make a payment.
But after, I received refunded email , my account can’t login and my IP is banned…
May I know what the problems?

Thank you.

I opted to not go through with it as our fraud prevention system triggered on several order attempts. Then after those failures the identity suddenly changed to an entirely different person.

In terms of addresses, because our address formats are different, but we use those formats locally, so there are multiple triggered your fraud prevention system multiple times when I attempting other address formats. Finally successfully found out the address format that will not be automatically cancelled the order by the system …

On the other hands, There is only white screen when linking to PAYPAL page. Even if I try to refresh or reselect in mxroute several times, this may be because the email address is different with mxroute account email, so I applied for a new account and the same as the PAYPAL account. This may cause you some confusion.

May I know that could you reactive my account and unban the IP? (The one that matches the PAYPAL account)

Thank you very much.

@ctlivy I think the fact that you are trying to order as two different people may play a role in things … just saying. I don’t suspect that MXroute will approve you.

Thank you for your kindness.

This is because I want to avoid any further errors and avoid unsuccessful purchases the service in previous account, as I described above, because I don’t know what else will cause the purchase to fail.

Thus I have to ask another person in my family to help test, so lead to be have a different identities happen in this situation…

I would like to purchase DA services, if this account is still blocked , I would like to hope MXroute can be able to lift the restrictions. Or can I re-register with the old email address to purchase DA services?

Thanks a lot.