Valid Emails Going to Spam

I have been getting emails from outside agencies. One notable was alliancevirtual office. For some reason some of these emails have been hitting spam. How can i add this domain and others to a whitelist?

Also how can I stop emails as a whole from going to spam until I register them as spam?

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As a first step, I suggest reviewing the source of the email and checking which flags were triggered to result it being marked as Spam.

Likewise, to add domains into the whitelist, visit your cPanel and follow the steps listed.

  1. Spam Filters
  2. Show Additional Configurations.
  3. You will then see a section entitled Whitelist (Emails Always Allowed).
  4. Upon arriving on the page, fill out the field with the below requirements.
  1. Hit Update Whitelist (whitelist_from)
  2. Return to “Overview”

Hopefully, the domain is now properly sorted. If not, feel free to get in contact with an MXroute Support Member.

Everyone rejects emails at a certain threshold. Google, Microsoft, everyone. If we’re unfairly rejecting an email, we’re happy to investigate and adjust. Most of the time, however, it is due to senders not following standards (or allowing their IPs to be used actively and recently for spam). With some of the most relaxed inbound filters in the industry, we do not apologize for not allowing all email (therefore crippling the service as a result). Given that 1 out of 5,000 customers has an issue with this that is easily solved in a short period of time, I’d ask you to take the “not ready for primetime” talk elsewhere. Customers actively want us to fight spam, look at the positive reactions:

Please vent your frustrations in your own space, and stick to asking questions and getting answers here. To have us investigate, reach out on slack. You can find the link to it on this page:


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I changed the threshold to 10 however I still am having issues of valid emails getting rejected and sent to my clients inbox.

Not only is this embarrassing but very unprofessional.

I am trying to operate a new startup business . I get emails rejected all the time and people calling me up saying their email was rejected for spam. I even set my spam threshold to 10 but emails are still rejected and not even hitting my inbox.

Like I understand you want to fight spam but in doing so you are rejected legit emails from legit domains. This sounds good but its not ready for primetime and is not secure enough for running a legit business.

I suggest getting in contact with a MXroute Support Agent, to assist in diagnosing the issue.