Spam rule '1.1 KAM_COUK' on

Hi Jar, you removed this rule once before, but it’s back on friday…

1.1 KAM_COUK Scoring emails higher due to poor registry security.

It’s THE longstanding primary UK suffix for UK businesses and has never had ‘poor security’ relative to that of say .com or .net. The rule causes a lot of false positives if you live in the UK and receive frequent mail from [legitimate] businesses with domains.

I’d argue there’s never been any real justification for such a rule ever, and is just the whim of the ruleset maintainer, probably after a bout of spam at some time in history.


Sorry about that, thanks for alerting me to it. There was an issue with my custom rules on the Friday server, they had been wiped out by the cron as a result.