Pre-purchase questions

I am very interested in purchasing your a reseller 150 account. I have a VPS at Siteground that has roughly 80 domains, taking up about 100 GB’s of space, consiting of 215 email accounts and 330 forwarders.

Your service will be a perfect solution for my company, and will save me a ton of money, but I have a couple questions. Please forgive me if these questions are covered elsewhere, and I have spent about 2 hours searching this forum for answers, and I have not found satisfactory answers for these questions yet.

(1) Do you have robust spam filtering, or do I need to use a separate service like baracuda or mxguarddog to filter my email?

(2) Does your service filter outgoing email as well.

(3) I have all my email currently in cpanel, and I know that you recommend using imapsync to migrate the email, but I am knowledgable about bash scripts and I know how to migrate email from cpanel to DA, but it requires root access to the sever. So does the reseller 150 account include root access?

(4) If I outgrow the 150 account, in storage, can I get more space or can I only buy an additional box?

(5) are there limits on how many emails can be sent or recieved in a period of time? And more importantly, if an account password is hacked and a large volume of email starts getting sent, what is the process for resolving the hack. Do you suspend the account, domain, or the whole server. And how long do I have to resolve the problem before action is taken.

Thanks in advance for your time.


Hello @JesseWaitz MXroute reseller here with the 150gb package you are looking at.

I think I can answer all of your questions, so here goes!

Inbound mail is filtered with Spamassassin. I have to be honest that this is the one answer I cannot be too specific with as I am fine with the level of filtering that is standard. I do know however that spam assassin can be finely tuned by the user. I am not certain however if that is at the reseller, account, domain, or user level.

Yes, it is filtered … one for spam, and two for forwarded emails to domains that will not accept them. For instance Yahoo! will reject all mails forwarded to them through a third party mail server. MXroute simply does not forward them at all, in an effort to protect their sending reputation with Yahoo!

SSH access to your user is available on request. I highly doubt that root access would ever be granted. This is an issue you would have to discuss with @Jarland, however I doubt that the answer would be positive.

@Jarland’s response to this so far has been … let’s see when the time comes. There are variables at play such as drive partitioning, etc. that make it more than just increasing your quota. Of course, purchasing a second package always is an option.

The outbound sending limit is 300 per hour per email account. There is no inbound limit. Of course, if the inbound traffic is of a damaging nature, expect it to be mitigated.

MXroute suspends the email account in question until the reseller corrects the situation with their client. This suspension will happen first, and questions will be asked later. You have as much time as it takes you to work with your client to address the issue. You will be able to reactivate the account. Obviously, if you are a bad reseller and attract bad actors you are not going to be given any leeway, but in normal situations as a reseller you will always be given ample time and freedom to resolve issues.

I hope this helps!

Thank you for the responses, I appreciate it. One follow-up. Spamassassin, runs at the server level, where things like mx guarddog, filter the email before it ever even arrives at the server. so does spamassassin have a quarantine, and black list/white list controls?

Further, since you have the product I am looking at, what is your review? Are you happy, or have you had to make compromises that you wish you could have avoided?

The reviews I have read thus far have been outstanding, but just wanted to get an opinion from someone currently using the service? Thanks!


Jesse Waitz

I’ll take a stab from my perspective :slight_smile:

It’s really going to depend on the user. Right now we let just about everything through and let you choose how to filter it by tweaking user-level SpamAssassin settings. These are per DirectAdmin account. As a reseller you create the DA account, domains are added to the DA account, so you can divide those up among customers as needed.

But the truth is we’re working with open source spam systems and there really is no amazing open source spam filter today. Nothing open source competes with Google’s spam filters, for example. So while I write rules that help increase spam scores based on runs that I make through spam I receive, and those work toward improving what you see, it’s still dependent on the user’s preferences and how much / what kinds of spam they receive.

Note that when using external spam filtering services, SPF is broken when delivered to us. We do test against SPF.

This is where I spend most of my time. Every outbound email goes to one of two redundant rspamd filters where custom filters and rate limits are applied to mitigate against outbound spam events.

Once it passes the filter, the email goes out randomly to either Dallas or Charlotte relays where outbound email attempts delivery and retries from different IPs if it fails. If it fails several IPs in the IP range used at the Dallas/Charlotte relay that it landed on, it passes to our Los Angeles relay and again attempts delivery several times from different IPs each time. If delivery fails repeatedly there, it goes out to a relay we rent from for final delivery attempts. It it fails there for a while, it then bounces back to the sender. Getting your email where it’s meant to go is priority #1.

It would not have root level. I wouldn’t recommend migration from cPanel to DirectAdmin using their instructions anyway. You can read about the time I did:

If you can purchase a second package at that point it would be preferred, but if that’s not a possibility just reach out to me on and we’ll talk about it. How I handle it is directly relative to variables that I just don’t know what they’ll be at the time. Despite having a lot of storage on these boxes, it’s still a finite number and I’ve calculated my stock for each one based on the size of the packages I’ve pre-made.

When doing a custom upgrade, unless we’re falling into the range where I just can’t fit you on a server with other customers and need to push you to a dedicated server, I’ll never quote worse than 2x cost for 2x storage. A dedicated server is another conversation entirely (because I need to make a certain amount for each physical server I have to manage).

That’ll be 300 outbound emails per hour, per email account. Right now my current process for a compromised email account is to change that email account’s password and send you an email about it.

You might see language like “continued events of this nature can result in account termination” but as a reseller I’m talking about termination of your client. If you have one client that just keeps reusing passwords that have been compromised and we’re 15 events deep in 3 months for that one client, that’s when I may ask you to take them off of the platform. Despite all of my best attempts, some outbound spam always gets through because it’s a never-ending battle with filters.

Hope that helps :slight_smile:


Thank you so much for this detailed response. I really appreciate it. I now have to start playing with imapsync and getting a migration process developed. And I will back in a couple months to setup the server, and start migrating my sites…


Jesse Waitz