Nextcloud login-error, wrong username or password

Hi there,
everything’s working fine so far without any problem, the only little issue I’ve got is that I get an error when trying to login to wrong username or password (same credentials work without problems when logging into webmail).
Has anybody an idea on it?


It seems to happen intermittently to some users and we’ve not been able to track the reason, other than perhaps the latency to the IMAP proxy and the inherent timeout of the function. I have plans to move it closer to the IMAP proxy (which it authenticates against) in the near future, but more pressing matters keep getting in the way.

I’ve not seen that any particular action changes it. Some users see it, some don’t, seems mostly illogical on the face of it.

At one point it was about weird characters used in passwords but that should have been solved by now.

Hi, thanks for you fast reply. It’s not of high priority for me, I was just curious to try :slight_smile: