Having Issues Accessing My Account

Hello. I’m unable to log into my Cpanel account. I was in my Cpanel earlier this week. However, I went to access it yesterday and got a “Login is invalid.” The email for the MXRoute admin/ billing site is also tied into an address on the Cpanel. I can’t remember that password. Therefore, I’m unable to receive a password reset (since it’s not sending/ forwarding to my external address). When I check my external address the account the POP3 acocunt forwards to, I see “Authentication error. Mail from this account has not been retrieved since Apr 24. View details”. I assume I missed a billing cycle or invoice and my account is disabled? Can you assist me?

I’ve temporarily unsuspended your cpanel account so that you can check the email. Suspension occurs when an invoice is 90 days past due. Termination occurs at 180 days past due. There may not be another warning from the billing system prior to termination if the invoice remains unpaid.

Thank you. I have taken care of the payment issue and this thread can be closed.