Does MXRoute Support Replying with Alias?

Forgive the possible noob question, first time doing all this web hosting / email hosting stuff.

I basically want to use MXRoute for my personal email hosting solution, where I will have one primary email and create aliases emails when I register for other accounts, to manage spam / data breaches effectively.

The issue I see with most providers is (or maybe it’s just not listed) the lack of functionality allowing users to reply to or send email from one of the many aliases you may have.

Is this a email host provider issue or the email client (webmail / desktop / mobile) issue?

I also noticed you guys have 3 different choices of webmail (Crossbox, Roundcube, Rainloop) would any of these allow this functionality? what about mobile, specifically iOS?

Thanks for your help!

Both really … but MXroute allows this so it is limited to being an issue with your email client.

Rainloop and Roundcube definitely allow this. In Roundcube it is considered an ‘identity’. I am not familiar enough with Crossbox to say whether this is supported or not. As for mobile clients – again it is dependant upon what the limitation of the email client is.

We allow it, but there’s no standard functionality for client to server communication that presents this in a standardized or email service specific way. An example of a standardized way would be like iCloud with Apple Mail, allowing you to choose from a dropdown menu in the email client based on the available aliases that exist on the server side. That standard exists because Apple makes the server and the client software (and so the software is able to pull a list, a function that doesn’t really exist with standard open source protocols), but otherwise it’s just a matter of your email client writing the From header in the way that it desires to do.