Can I access all emails for 2 domains with one Webmail Login

I have 2 domains here at MXR that share one website hosted where they are registered and various email addresses under them. I’d like to be able to login with RoundCube or an alternative and be able to see and respond to all of the emails in one place.
Possible at all? using RoundCube?
If not some other way.
I would also want to be able to hit replay and have the replies be from that email address that was used by the sender.
Sorry if this is a noob question and/or has been answered before.
Any clues will be appreciated.

You could forward one address to another with forwarders set in DirectAdmin. I’m not aware of any software that automatically changes your sender to match the address they sent to.

Actually, many email clients, including Roundcube, will auto reply from the identity that the emails are originally sent to if there is actually an identity listed for that email address.

IMHO though a better option than forwarding is using the multiple accounts feature of Crossbox, or Rainloop.

Crossbox is easier to deal with though … and sexier.


Thanks @Alento
Crossbox looks good. I was able to log in to several email accounts using it and can switch back and forth within the one interface. I have not messed with identities etc yet but so far so good.

Yes - I see that. Thanks

With Crossbox, as you switch between accounts, the ‘identity’ is also changed … you just need to edit the settings to show your proper ‘display name’ etc. on each account.