A few questions about branding, logins across servers and backups

Hi all!

We signed up for the reseller service a few months ago and are just getting around to setting it up. Few questions:

  • We wanted to brand Crossbox and have a “single page for sign-on” on our main domain. We intend to purchase a few more reseller accounts as we grow, and I assume they’ll be on different servers, so we’d like one URL to provide to customers, instead of handing them different hostnames and causing us more of a support headache. We signed up with our main domain (let’s call it domain[dot]com) but we can’t add emails for this main domain from DirectAdmin which stalls us at the first step of branding Crossbox, and we don’t seem to be able to create it as an account as it already exists. How do we get around this so we can setup a custom webmail.domain.com?
  • Following on from the above, my understanding is, if we have reseller accounts on multiple servers, they’ll all be able to sign in using the webmail.domain.com via Crossbox, is this correct?
  • DirectAdmin has a backup function - I know DA is used for the mail control panel, but if we set a backup to an FTP, are we going to get all the email accounts and their data, or is this hosted externally / away from where the DA backups may be able to reach?


The reseller account will have two different modes that you can switch between, both reseller and user. To create email accounts on the base reseller account you’d drop into user mode, which is available via the dropdown box at the top-right of DirectAdmin once logged in.

Aye, Crossbox can remain constant no matter what server of ours the domains are on. In fact all of our customers from all of our servers can log in at mail.mxlogin.com without needing to think about what server they’re on. It’s really the first step in eliminating the need to think about different server names which is the ideal end result of product iterations.

You’ll get it all, and you can manage that entirely to your liking. Don’t worry, the servers can take any backup schedule you throw at them, so go nuts.

Awesome! Thanks, one last question - we’ve added an A record, made safari.domain.com and added it as a subdomain in DirectAdmin to allow us to get LetsEncypt and also allows us to modify the default index.html to point customers to us for support if they try visit the URL in their browser.

I know this isn’t the way you suggest, but do you foresee any issues with the way we’ve set it up?

I try to avoid web hosting but if you’re just running a static index.html it’s not a big deal. Should be fine.